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Hurricane Sandy made a direct hit on Somers Point, NJ, in October 2012, with 80 mph winds and a devastating storm surge. TimberSIL® docks survived Sandy while neighboring docks were destroyed. And, they still look great!

TimberSIL® wood is the most highly rated and respected dimension lumber material on the market.

Below is a sampling of the awards, accolades, and recommendations

-In a Historic, First-Ever Determination, EPA exempts TimberSIL® from pesticide regulations; and declares TimberSIL® is completely non-toxic, insoluble and inert in the environment.

-Popular Science Magazine recommends TimberSIL®, bestows Grand Award ; declares TimberSIL® The Best of What’s New!

-In a new TV program set to air in July 2010 Ask This Old House recommends TimberSIL® to its viewers. Also in 2007, and in 2005, TimberSIL® is featured in Ask This Old House Episode #406

-BuildingGreen, highly respected green product evaluator bestows prized Top 10 GreenSpec Award on TimberSIL®.

-Designing Spaces TV recommends TimberSIL

-BuildingGreen commends TimberSIL® for leading in renewable resource utilization. February 2010

-Metropolitan Home Magazine honors TimberSIL® with the Metropolitan Home Design 100 Award for “Great design in all senses of the word, from the breath-takingly beautiful and the astonishingly well made to the innovative, heartfelt and inspiring.

-This Old House Magazine recommends TimberSIL in Non-toxic, Alternative to Pressure-Treated Lumber, September 2005. For 5 years This Old House Magazine has been recommending TimberSIL® online.

-MSN recommends TimberSIL® as one of the 17 best ways to reduce home maintenance efforts. January 2010.

-TimberSIL® Recommended by Customer Home Magazine, January 2008

-TimberSIL® Recommended by LBM Journal in four articles recognizes the superior fire and ignition resistance of TimberSIL®, the only lumber listed:





TimberSIL® Glass Wood Products represent the pinnacle combination of strength and long life for wood; the ultimate in safety (non-toxic, fire retardant, resistance to wind, weather and earthquakes), and the closest to no maintenance there is for any product. And yet, in the long view (and most short views) TimberSIL® offers the LOWEST price. TimberSIL® is SAFER, BETTER, CHEAPER.

TimberSIL® uses a non-toxic, proprietary Glass Wood Fusion process to produce, protect and enhance wood products. The company’s patented Glass Wood Fusion process was developed by environmental toxicologist Karen Slimak, who has investigated the relationships between human health and chemical exposure for more than 30 years. Corporate offices are located near Washington, D.C.

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