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TimberSIL®’s revolutionary process combines two ancient materials, wood and glass, to transform real wood with all its benefits, into extraordinary wood without the drawbacks. TimberSIL® offers powerful reasons to switch back to wood today.

Move Up From Unconvincing Imitations to Extraordinary Real Wood
TimberSIL® Glass Wood Products:
better features, matching costs, best value

TimberSIL® Glass Wood brings wood back to its rightful place - the top of the list of desirable product choices – for siding, roofing, structural framing, decking, tongue and groove flooring, windows, shingles, and more. TimberSIL® customers enjoy the elegance and beauty of an extraordinary real wood that provides the best price value, the best health value (non-toxic), the best performance, and the best value for the environment.

TimberSIL® Glass Wood – is REAL WOOD that is:

  • more stable, safer, stronger,
  • an effective fire retardant,
  • long lasting, low maintenance,
  • beautiful to look at, cool to the touch, and
  • lower in cost than most wood simulations and look-alikes.

With TimberSIL®, everyone can have what we really want – beautiful, real wood that matches price and out performs imitation products.

TimberSIL® - Locked in For Life

TimberSIL® is a non-toxic fusion of two natural materials – wood and glass, producing an ideal natural product and a combination of properties never achieved before. More than wood and more than glass, TimberSIL® combines the best of both bringing a transformation to wood.

Wow! Homeowners and builders can really benefit from this marriage of wood and glass! TimberSIL® is many times stronger than composite products; because the glassy portion parallels the grain of wood, greatly increasing strength. The wood fibers are stronger, causing nails, screws, and fasteners to hold more tightly because the glassy portion strengthens the fibers. TimberSIL® products maintain their shape better because the glass in TimberSIL® is resistant to warping. TimberSIL® products are Class A fire retardants because glass’s natural resistance to fire overcomes the combustible properties of wood.

The TimberSIL® Glass Wood fusion forms a barrier of amorphous glass which surrounds and fuses with the fibers in wood, protecting the wood fibers from rot, decay, and common wood problems, while creating a new Super-Wood with superior properties. The TimberSIL® barrier is permanent, non-toxic, and non-corrosive.

And yet in appearance, workability and feel, the familiar properties of wood predominate. TimberSIL® has the great look, and the familiar touch and feel of wood. Wood workers and builders appreciate the way it can be cut, sawn, drilled, hammered, nailed, and shaped. TimberSIL® accepts paints and stains readily and effectively. TimberSIL® provides a stable, inert surface for coatings that ensures an unusually long life and very low maintenance. TimberSIL® is cool to the touch on a hot summer day.

TimberSIL®’s GlassWood transformation makes TimberSIL® Wood better than any imitation.

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* Our revolutionary approach uses a patented process to surround the wood fibers and each micro-channel in the interior with molecular-thin, layers of glass, making the wood (the food source) inert and unavailable to rot, and most common wood protection problems. We do not use toxic materials or poisons to target, kill, or harm any organism (anything that is a poison to bacteria or mold is a poison for people too, and a threat to the environment), instead we simply make the wood inside and out permanently unavailable as a food source.


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